A memoir about a life changing encounter

Bad boys make good stories.
He was the kind of plot twist she never wished for, but which changed the course of her life forever. She was only 18 when she first met him – 31-year old Kaezar Belizaroff, her devilishly attractive driving instructor.
High heels and platinum hair, lips like candy, popularity in high school and a six years older thug of a boyfriend: her life was full of drama. She had just moved back from Ukraine to Denmark and juggled school and work on her own.
Kaezar was there all along – sharing her nostalgia and teaching her how to drive 200 km/h down a highway. He lived life on the edge – ticking off police, she did too – flirting with her boyfriend’s brother.
Sparks flew between them as they burned up the roads. It was all fun and games, until he taught her the most important lesson of all:
Don’t play games with the man in shades.

ISBN: 978-87-995773-4-7