Early 2000s

My friend Anni was going through a shoebox full of pictures and found these gems back from the good old days when the Internet was still a nieche product, and when buying “Sugar” magazines, which were full of exciting content, not just commercials, was a whole-day event and a week-long anticipation. And when dressing like emo Charlie’s Angels or as a Japanese person for Halloween was still concidered okay – if not downright cool 😀 And of course back then we wrote diaries instead of ehem – blog posts – and danced to MTV, when it was still 99% music and 1 % porn. Musicians made music for the sake of music, and not just profit, and songs actually had some meaning behind them: techincally, everything is better than “butt, butt, butt, look at my butt” tunes of the 2010 era. Even sugar-pop “Missing you like candy” is full of allegories and metaphors otherwise unheard of in the current era or music porn. Also, we had glitter eye shadows that I loved and still love like no man’s business, alas this was before every other person declared themselves to be a make-up artist, so we had almost no real make-up guides, hence we sported panda eyes. I swear I was aiming for seductive smokey eye! Anyway, let’s shed a tear for the best, most positive days of the world, when stock markets could only go up, and my skirts couldn’t get any more pink – the early 2000s!!

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