Psychedelic mind of an Artist

Subconcious by Verismaya Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

Just recently I’ve discovered that the perception and mind of an artist is truly different from other forms of perceiving the wold. All along I believed that other people, just like me, see memories/dreams/thoughts  in clear, photographic-alike visions, or in a “video format”, which is then enhanced by feelings. I was therefore really surprised to find out that not everyone sees or imagines things in such a realistic way. This one little detail really explains why I never felt that unreal is somehow separated from the reality, to me all the thoughts, feelings and visions along with the real life events merged into one strange psychedelic reality, which I call my life. Inside my mind, intuitive feelings, past, future and the present creates a timeless picture, with me as a main character in this limitless world with endless possibilities. For an artist every sensation can be extremely overwhelming and overpowering, emotions are intenser then for other people, thus both positive and negative can have extreme effects on such a mind. A search for utopia and idealistic grand idea is often the slogan, under artists live. The dull reality of a routine brings frustration and destruction to the ever changing, freedom and adventure seeking soul of an artist, which can lead to a substance abuse or any other form of a psychological or physical addiction.  I remember at a point in my life, when I was depressed, I would wake up and see the dark, boring, winter day outside..I felt like I was losing my mind, because my dreams flowed into my awakened state, and in the endless dark hours of the winter it was becoming increasingly harder for me to separate my disturbing, anxious dreams from similar sensations of the depressive everyday existence. That was truly a mind bending, scary experience, to realize how overly sensitive and sharp my perception is, how strong of an impression certain events can leave me with and how hard it is to control ones mind. Few years later looking back, I can say that not much has changed, though I force myself to try to change my sometimes obsessive line of thoughts and shift attention from focusing on one thought, I have to admit that this unique quality of our consciousness is what makes us such great expressionists and channels of universal emotions and ideas to the viewers.

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